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Sr.No List of Authors Paper Title PDF Pages
1. Dr. Qurra-tul-ain,
Ali Sheikh
Women’s Endogenous Bargaining Power and Fertility. Preferences: A Collective Model Approach in Pakistan 1-33
2. Abdul Rashid
Mustafa Sirajuddin
Nasir Ali Shah
Human Resource (HR) Audit: Compliance of Labor Laws and HR Effectiveness in Pakistan 34-56
3. Sohni Rajar Impact of Market Anomalies, Political Shocks, and Covid-19 on Pakistan Stock Exchange: Univariate GARCH Analysis 57-79
4. Najab Nisar Digitalized Banking: A preferred way of Branch Banking in Pakistan. 80-102
5. Aamir Mahmood
Muhammad Shahbaz Khan
Zahra Zafar
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)’ Adoption of Formal Sector: Impediments in Documentation in Pakistan 103-126

Sr.No List of Authors Paper Title PDF Pages
1. Muhammad Noman
Nooreen Mujahid
Ambreen Fatima
Intra-Household Bargaining Power and its Impact on the Female Labor Force Supply in Pakistan: Women Empowerment Perspective 1-17
2. Rehman M. Farman Exploring Employee Engagement: Linkage to Organizational Performance in Local Manufacturing Organizations Based at Karachi 18-32
3. Shumaila Hashim
Nagmi Zehra
Uroosa Rasheed
Relationship between Gender Inequalities and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan. 33-45
4. Ali Ahmed Regulatory compliance of Financial Action Task Force through Risk Assessment as Anti-Money Laundering measures: An evaluation of Banking Sector of Pakistan 46-65
5. Nimra Khalid An Evaluation of Credit Risk Management and its Impact on the Financial Performance: Evidence from the Banking Sector of Pakistan 66-76

Sr.No List of Authors Paper Title PDF Pages
1 (a). Qurra-tul-ain Ali Sheikh
Mahpara Begum Sadaqat
Ambreen Fatima
M. Asif Shamim
Population Projection of Pakistan: What is there in 2028? 1-28
1 (b). List of Tables 29-31
2. Rubina Ilyas
Hasan M. Mohsin
Relative Price Convergence among Pakistani Cities: Does the Choice of Numeraire City Matter? 33-55
3. Muhammad Faisal
M. Shujaat Mubarik
S. M Shoaib Wasim
Liquidity Copiousness in Pakistani Islamic Banks: What can Banks Excess Liquid Assets Tell us? 56-74
4. Jahanzaib Alvi
Muhammad Rehan
Ismat Mohiuddin
Faheem uddin Abbasi
Investment Choices in Bearish and Bullish Capital Markets: A Case of Mutual Fund Association of Pakistan 75-91
5. Shad Shahid
Syed Ghazanfer Inam
Abdul Ghaffar
Better Dividend Policy Effects Share Price Volatility: An Empirical Study on Automobile Sector of Pakistan 92-106

Sr.No List of Authors Paper Title Pages
1 Rizwan ul Hassan
Mubashar Hussain
Exploring the Relationship between the Political Stability and Economic Growth: The Case of Pakistan 1-13
2 Sania Shaheen
Umbreen Zahra
Mahnaz Aslam
Exchange Rate and Monetary Fundamentals: A Panel Data Analysis of Emerging and Developing Asian countries 14-24
3 Saima Rafique
Naveed R. Khan
A pilot investigation of the determinants of workplace innovation behavior in service sector of Pakistan 25-40
4 Muhammad Abdullah Khan
Wahaj Kayani
Kinza Agha
Agha Amad Nabi
The Impact of Cash Flow on Share Price of Firms: A case study on Oil and Gas Marketing Industry of Pakistan 41-49
5 Abdul Manan Shaikh
Jawaid A. Qureshi
Muhammad Asif Qureshi
Discovering the Myths of Industrial Fire of Baldia-Factory Pakistan 50-70